Thursday, May 1, 2008

Muy Diferente

Imagine Perez Prado going to the laundromat to wash his clothes and the static-electrified lint caught in the lint trap start a group. This may have been what happened in the mind of Atom™ (Uwe Schmidt) when he created Los Sampler's and their 1999 album Descargas. These tracks are alternate versions from the album released on 7" vinyl from UK label Hot Air in 2000.

Download Demasiado Funcional (Version Diferente)
Download Descarga Mecano (Version Muy Diferente)

If you're interested in VERY electronic latin music, nobody comes close to the inventiveness and musicality of Atom™. I recommend you hunt down and purchase these releases to start with, most on the Rather Interesting label:
Los Sampler's - Descargas
Midisport - 14 Footballers in Milkchocolate
SeƱor Coconut - El Gran Baile
Erik Satin - Light Music
Lisa Carbon - Trio de Janeiro
Atom™ feat. Tea Time - XXX